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BhavithaSri Group has established on june 26th,2011.
BhavithaSri Chits is the biggest Chit Funds establishment in South India - the trusted family unit Savings and Investments service provider. The supported development enrolled by BhavithaSri Chits lately not just demonstrates the utility of this old instrument yet it is additionally an impression of the clients' trust in the BhavithaSri Group.
The Annual Auction Turnover of our Chit Funds Companies keeps on developing and bears declaration to the excellent administration nature of the BhavithaSri Group in the business. With tight directions on edges and a difficult duty regarding producing accumulations, Chit Funds business has not been simple for any player in the Industry.

BhavithaSri Chits changed over affliction into circumstance by improving its administration capacity and in addition utilizing the Chit channels for charge based pay in this way remaining the main accessible substance throughout the most recent few decades which saw a few industry peers falling by the wayside.
This reputation has independently added to BhavithaSri mark value and has placed BhavithaSri in an administration position, very much prepared to take up the administrative difficulties and encourage positive changes to the Industry with the goal that Chit as an instrument of credit and investment funds keeps on being accessible to the under-served business group.

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Started BHAVITHSRI CHITFUND with 1 BRANCH on June 26th 2011 in warangal,Telangana, India. The same zeal and burning desire of excellence in chitfunds with an intensity of changing the course of the indian chitfund company's by new schemes like never before.


As a result of this by the end of year 2013 the 15 branches reached. making 100 crores of turn over, bhavithasri chitfund pvt.ltd.


As a result of this by the end of year 2016 the 35 branches reached. making 300 crores of turn over,bhavithasri chitfund pvt.ltd.


As a result of this by the end of year 2013 the reached over 50 branches. making 500 crores of turn over,bhavithasri chitfund pvt.ltd.