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  • "​VirChakra is a chit fund company that you actually count on when you require funding help. The company has some very nice savings plans and they have their own team of professionals. I am happy I received some immediate funds from them "
    Shaya Hill
    Tax Advice
  • " We worked with Consuloan. Our representative was very knowledgeable and helpful. Consuloan made a number of suggestions to help improve our systems. Consuloan explained how things work and why it would help. We are pleased with the result and we definitely highly recommend Consuloan."
    Alex Poole
    CEO DeerCreative
  • " Even though I am a seasoned business owner myself, I am sure that there’s always room for growth, inspiration, and new ideas.It's has provided a common language that is gaining popularity in the workplace as it creates new learning and sets people up for success."
    Anthony Jones
    Business Planner