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    There are a number of easy, simple and secured schemes. There's a scheme for everyone from low income group to high net worth people.

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    We are a registered firm and have become the trusted medium of savings. You can trust us for effortlessly grow your money.

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    We offer absolutely safe investment schemes and options to safely grow, manage and monitor your funds. With us, you can save for a better future.

15 Years Of Successful Chit Fund Company

Bhavithasri Chit Fund Private Limited is a registered chit fund company which provides very attractive investment options as chit schemes to the public for past many years. This benefits all the classes of inhabitants including salaried class, professionals, businessmen and self employed.

Trust is a word, which is a synonym for Narvee. Over the years Narvee has gained the reputation of being a solid saving and support system that values every rupee its subscriber saves. Narvee attributes its growth to the trust and reliability that the company has been standing for. We are proud to be recognized as a trustworthy organization and we will continue to give service to all our subscribers in the same manner.
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